January 26, 2014

A Winner!

Good morning everyone!
Popping in really quickly with a winner for February's kit and I know a lot of people use for drawing winner's but since I happen to have the ultimate random number generator of ALL number generator's available at my disposal pretty much 24/7...
I used him.
Here's how it all went down...

Me:  Dinky, pick a number between 1-47!
Dinky:  55.
Me:  Really?!!

How much more random does it get than that? *giggle*
He really is a smart kid...
but I guess hitting him up with questions too soon after waking up is just more than he could handle this morning so we went back and reviewed the question...
and this time he went simple...

Judy1223 said...
I came by way of Tracey, too...and I'm glad I did! I think my favorite outdoor winter activity is shoveling snow -- I know, sounds crazy, but I love the solitude and peace and quiet and the exercise, too! My favorite indoor winter activity is cleaning out and reorganizing after the holidays!

Congratulations!!! And Judy if you will shoot me all your info in an email to with WINNER in the subject line...
I'm planning on kits hitting the PO on Wednesday!

And don't forget we will be posting our January reveal using Sharron's incredible kit this Friday morning the 31st and Michelle from Pretty Periwinkles will be joining us as our special guest this month...
hope you'll stop by for a little "lovin' inspiration"! *giggle*
See you then!


  1. Wow! I's so thrilled that Dinky picked my number! I did e-mail you...and just wanted to say thanks!

  2. How do I order these kits?
    Karen H

  3. Hi,Karen! Thanks so much for your interest in the kits but unfortunately they're not for sale. Here's a link to a post about the kits and starting your own 12 Kits group! Hope you enjoy and willcome back to visit! :)


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